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WATERinMOTION breathed new life into our aquatics class programs at ACAC, now licensed in five cities and 3 states. It is a favorite of our member participants and completely ideal for the most diverse audiences imaginable. A complete total body workout that is safe, fun and effective, WATERinMOTION is true to it’s name. You’ve never experienced anything quite like this. Be ready for a challenge!

Chris Henry
General Manager
ACAC Timonium, Md.

“We implemented WATERinMOTION® (WIM) about a year and a half ago and have been extremely satisfied and surprised with what WATERinMOTION® (WIM) has done for our aquatic programming. We trialed WIM in 3 clubs, or what we call a “pod” and saw our aqua attendance grow and grow and grow. Now having expanded WIM into 8 of our facilities. In a recent 9 month study, we have seen our member usage increase on average 18% which is quite significant. We are also now attracting 13-60 new-to-aqua-fitness members per month as a company. The age group that we are attracting seem to be the 35-45 year old market. Younger people are now using our pools while we still maintain the 45-65 year old attendee. We have also found that we are now recruiting and retaining high-end aqua instructors. On average we have added 7 new instructors for each of the 8 clubs, almost 50 new-to-water instructors for our company as a whole. With a shortage of good quality aqua instructors worldwide, WIM has created an outstanding system and network by which to train and upskill great aquatic leaders. We wanted Shapes to stand out in our community, and for Shapes to be a place to go to for great aquatic programming. WIM has done this for us through their fantastic system and easily customizable branded marketing. We use it for community events, in-club marketing, social networking (blogs), and television. We have also been able to now fill our aqua schedule with classes that begin at 5:30 in the morning and go until 8:00 at night. Like an empty cycle studio, our pool was once empty. Now it is being used! We have just started to trial WATERinMOTION® Platinum in one of our facilities. WIM Platinum is a slightly shorter, slower, and simpler program designed to accommodate an older adult 65-90 years old. We started with 3 attendees and are now up to a constant 25 (which is the limit in our pool area). We even have to take a waiting list. On Memorial Day we had a fun event and filled the pool with 25 attendees for WIM Platinum. We had 15 more ready to go in, and had to hold another impromptu class right after the scheduled program to accommodate these excited members. Because of this positive response. we will be launching WIM Platinum across the boards in more facilities soon.”

Ann Gilbert (813) 927-4112 // [email protected]

We have a very successful water exercise program, but we’re always looking for ways to keep our classes fresh and our members happy, and WATERinMOTION® has done just that! All of our WATERinMOTION classes are packed with members ready to work and have fun. They love the moves, they love the music, they love the way WATERinMOTION® makes them feel! We get compliments every day! Our instructors are huge fans of WATERinMOTION® as well. The choreography is easy to learn and teach and the customer service support is excellent. We’ve have more and more instructors asking about becoming certified simply because the current instructors’ enthusiasm is contagious! It’s easy to get stuck in a rut with the same old moves, but WATERinMOTION® choreography is never dull, and with a new Wave coming out every three months, no one gets bored!

Megan Munoz – Fitness Lead Eden Prairie Community Center, Eden Prairie, MN

“I can certainly say that all the WIM classes offered have steadily been growing since I’ve started my aqua fitness program back in September 2011. The level of enthusiasm for the program is increasing all the time, and much of that has to do with the positive word-of-mouth regarding the RESULTS achieved from the program! The attitude of the WIM participants, compared to the participants of the general aqua conditioning classes, couldn’t be more different. We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE coming to WIM and that’s not the case with general aqua classes. The WIM participants are there because they want (regardless of age, size, health) to take their fitness to a new level. The mutual support and camaraderie is just amazing. No one “cares” if you’re floating in their water space, no one “cares” if you’re splashing too much and getting their hair wet, and that’s because at the end of each and every song, every single one of us is red-faced, gasping for air, and PROUD AS PEAS that we survived TOGETHER!!! Since September 2012, I’ve gone from a size 18 jeans to 10/12 size jeans. I’ve gone from 208 lbs. to 169 lbs., my hip never bothers me anymore, and my legs and arms actually have muscles!!! Whoohoo! My resting heart rate is 60, my blood pressure is 114/70, my cholesterol went from 260 to 150, and I have more energy every day than I’ve ever had in the last 40 years. I’m keeping up with my 2 and 4 year old grandsons, and I don’t feel near the stress and anxiety I once felt, even though life’s challenges continue every day. WATERinMOTION® has changed my life, but it has cost me, as I now have a pool at home and I had to get rid of every single piece of clothing I owned for a new wardrobe! Does it work? You bet! “

Olivia Mead – WIM Participant Shapes Total Fitness, Wesley Chapel, FL [email protected]

“I wanted to share with you this story about a recent class of mine at the New Tampa YMCA. On Monday the adaptive members (mentally challenged) took my WATERinMOTION® class. I didn’t know what to expect, but I have to say that WaterinMotion truly is for everyone! The young people that took the class were very enthusiastic, and fun. The repetitions of the WIM movements/segments made it easy for them to catch on and do the entire class. They clapped and sang, and had just a wonderful time. It was really one of the greatest experiences and one of the best classes that I have ever had as an instructor. I asked their program coordinator about the class afterwards, and she told me how much fun they had! I just love what WATERinMOTION® can do for everyone! Please share this with others if you like.”

Zakeia Smith – WATERinMOTION® Instructor New Tampa YMCA, Tampa, FL [email protected] // 610-453-4017

“WATERinMOTION® is working! It is a great program that I attend myself and it is the most exciting water class I have experienced in quite a long time. It offers cardio and strength without putting extra tension on the hip and knee joints, which is great for our members! The average class attendance for our WIM classes is 18-20 participants with a max capacity of 25 participants. In a two month span, we acquired 14 new memberships directly from WATERinMOTION®!”

Lauran DelaGrange – Group Fitness Manager Sarasota YMCA, Sarasota, FL [email protected] // 941-955-8194

“We were sinking in the group aquatics department. So the only way to go was up!! I came across WATERinMOTION® when checking out an SCW advertisement. Now, with WIM, the numbers in our morning aqua classes hold a consistent 17-20 participants, when before there were only 3-5 participants. Our afternoon aqua classes were nonexistent so we added Monday, Wednesday and Friday WATERinMOTION® class slots. Those classes are now currently 8-10 participants. Our WIM Saturday morning class numbers are 15-20, when before we were lucky to have the instructor show up! Even better, we are building a cohesive team of Group Aquatics professionals that really take pride in what they teach. I love this ownership, especially for Group Aquatics. We are slowly bringing in a younger crowd to our WIM classes. I believe by having upbeat and happy WIM instructors, we will eventually break the “water aerobics is for seniors only” mentality.”

Sheila McGill – Fitness Director YMCA OF MIDLAND, Midland, TX [email protected] // 432-682-2551 ext. 117

“Our members always say that they keep their club memberships because of the wonderful water programs we offer, especially WATERinMOTION®! WIM has helped to grow our membership numbers. Our sales staff encourages our participants to take WIM and our classes continue to grow. Also, members bring their friends, and when they do, they seem to always love the class and join the club. WIM has improved our water program by adding variety, great music, and awesome choreography! While we only have two WIM instructors, me and another girl, we always sub for each other and support each other’s classes. With our last WIM launch we had a record setting turnout! Members and staff really enjoyed it, which has increased morale. The WIM and SCW staff has assisted us with every step in launching the program, especially Laura, who is always there when we need her and goes above and beyond our expectations!”

Andi Brown – Aquatics Coordinator Gold’s Gym North Roanoke, Roanoke, VA [email protected] // (540)-314-2634

“The program has created a wonderful buzz in the club and brings a new element to water exercise. We launched the program with a superhero themed event and had a great turnout! It was about triple our regular attendance. Everyone said it was a lot of fun and something they would love to do again! It was fantastic to have an event that focused on our pool. Everybody ignores our pool and it is so expensive to maintain and run. We finally feel that we have a great program that will grow and retain members of all demographics! At last, we feel like we are using the huge investment that we made!”

Danita Watkins – Group Fitness Instructor Gold’s Gym, St. Charles, Missouri [email protected] // 636-233-4941

“WATERinMOTION® has been wonderful for our team and especially for our members. We already had a fairly successful water program but we wanted to make it even better. WIM just seemed to make sense and it has! Our Monday 9:15am WATERinMOTION® was the highest attended water ex class for 2012 at acac Midlothian with an average of 30.7. Second was Saturday 10:30am, also WIM, averaging 29.9. We have 18 water classes a week on average (20 in the summer) with 4 of those being WIM (now 5). We find that our WIM numbers rival our land-based attendance, only being out-averaged by Zumba and BodyCOMBAT and tying BodyPUMP attendance numbers in their best time slots. Since adding WIM, our aqua attendance numbers have doubled and even tripled in some time slots. In 2011, we placed WATERinMOTION® initially in two of our weakest time slots. The attendance numbers tripled in those time slots. Of previously certified water ex instructors, 2 have now trained in WIM. Of land-based instructors (3 Les Mills, 2 freestyle), 5 have crossed over to water instruction after taking the WIM Instructor training. This has significantly raised the caliber of instruction in our water program. Through this integration, we are bridging the gap between land and water, as these land-based instructors invite and encourage their participants to try WIM as a low-impact, high-energy, cross-training option. Because of WIM, our aqua membership satisfaction score in our annual survey improved and is now a 9.17 out of a possible 10. Here are some numbers: 2011 Jan-March 3-month water ex attendance: 510 2012 Jan-March 3-month water ex attendance 1008 Looking at WATERinMOTION®’s (WIM) affect more directly, we placed the format in two of our weakest time slots. Here are the numbers: 2011 Tue 10:15am average attendance 9 (Aqua Fit) 2011 Thu 10:15am average attendance 8.5 (Aqua Fit) 2012 WIM classes having replaced these time slots: 2012 Tue 10:15am average attendance 28 (WIM) 2012 Thu 10:15am average attendance 23 (WIM) It is noteworthy that 10:15am classes historically drew a more senior population. Since WIM was installed, the group has become much more diverse. We have participants of all ages and now have more men taking water ex. The 2012 data is very compelling. We have now signed on to launch PLATINUM this year, as a transition for our Arthritis participants and participants in our Medical Referral Program, PREP / PREP2o. Our classes are free and included in the membership.”

Chris Henry ACAC Midlothian, Midlothian, Virginia 23113 (804) 475-1352 // [email protected]

“I would very much like to see more Water in Motion (WiM) classes added onto the schedule. We just can’t get enough of this great lifestyle exercise product. I have dropped weight and regaining my best physical condition in the last 20 years. My WiM class is a great workout – on average the Fitbit users who go all out in class have estimated we log over 6500 steps, at least 2.75 miles of distance, the equivalent of 7 staircases and burn on average 895 calories…per class!! We can’t communicate more strongly how much those of us who use water classes as our primary exercise component need more of these Water in Motion classes. Best regards – Barbara S. ACAC Member PS I am now up …or should I say down to 188 from my August starting point of 228!! And I attribute it to WIM!”

Barbara S. ACAC Member

“We were sinking in the group aquatics department. My aqua numbers were 3-5 attendees. Now, my numbers in the morning WATERinMOTION® classes hold a consistent 17-20. Afternoon aqua classes were non-existent, 0-2 attendance, but after adding WIM on M/W/F our attendance is up to 8-10. Saturday morning numbers are even higher at 12-20, when before we were lucky to have even the instructor show up. On average, this is a 400% increase in attendance. What I love about WIM is that we are building a cohesive team of Group Aquatics professionals that really take pride in what they teach. This has improved the quality of instructor. I love this ownership that each teacher shows over the program. The WIM club coaches and trainers bend over backwards to help this success happen!!! Love having WIM on my side! Furthermore…. the members are very happy to have quality programming. I am very happy to have found WIM!!!”

Sheila McGill – Fitness Director Midland YMCA, Midland, TX 432.682.2551 ext. 117 // [email protected]

“I have taken group exercise classes at this facility (ACAC) for twenty-two years, but I had never taken water classes until I started taking Water in Motion. It is a great addition to my workout routine! I find the water resistance to be a wonderful alternative to lifting weights. The enthusiasm of the instructors and great music adds to enjoyment! It is FUN! In fact, I like Water in Motion so much, I have started taking other water classes as well.”

Carolyn [email protected]

“When I joined ACAC a little more than a year ago, I had two things in mind: toning up and having more energy. After a month or so of class investigation I discovered Water Aerobics. As a pretty inactive person, I soon learned that I absolutely loved the water classes and finally was ready to commit to exercise for the first time in my life. Over the year I typically attended 3 to 5 classes a week and found that I did have more energy and the toning up was happening as well What I didn’t see coming was the impact that the water aerobics classes would have on my health. As a longtime asthma and COPD sufferer, I knew that I felt better, but was completely surprised by what happened at the yearly appointment with my allergist. While completing my routine series of breathing tests, I was told that my breathing capacity had increased dramatically. Wow! It never occurred to me that this would be the most important benefit of all! Water Aerobics is the only difference I made during the year, so I have to attribute my improved health to it! Many thanks to the Water Aerobics team at Midlothian ACAC for providing the support and encouragement to make such a powerful impact on my life! I’m so appreciative for what you provide at ACAC and all this while having a good time! Who would have thought? Please feel free to use me as a reference at anytime as to the benefits of Water Aerobics! I love it!”

Debbie Popp, WIM Participant

“Water aerobics and WIM have certainly kept all of my parts moving the way they should:) I haven’t had any encapsulation (scar tissue) develop from my reconstruction, nor have I experienced edema. Maintaining good physical health keeps those nasty cancer cells at bay. The hydrostatic pressure allows me to exercise without straining anything or getting sore. If I have any pain before class, I never feel it when I am in the water. My respirator muscles get a great workout too. Providing excellent mental and physical therapy, WIM has become my class of choice. Besides that, I enjoy the music, and I love to dance; it’s so expressive. Additionally, WIM appeals to a younger group of participants who previously would not have taken an interest in aquatic exercise. There is a growing population of younger adults who are faced with a breast cancer diagnosis who would certainly benefit from everything WIM has to offer. Not only has it helped me get through the cancer, it was my best physical therapy when I broke my shoulder.”

Nancy, WIM Participant

From the first days of launching WATERinMOTION, we knew that this was program was EXACTLY what our members needed! WIM added just the right variety into our aquatic class schedule to suit our members. The music selection along with fresh choreography keeps our younger participants happy while still attracting our older population. We saw our participant numbers grow with the WIM program, so we decided to add WIM Platinum into our schedule! Our WIM Platinum participants love the song selections and often sign-along to the music! Our instructors love the program too! The routines are easy to learn and having a set exercise routine gives our instructors confidence to teach and add their own personalities into the class! WE LOVE WATERinMOTION!

Lisa Murray Town Square Health Club Assistant Fitness Manager and WIM instructor Manheim, PA [email protected] 717-664-6605

“I wanted to share with you the excitement I experienced while on vacation earlier this month with my family. I am 54 years old and recently have dropped from a size 20 down to a 14. I attribute my success to the wonderful exercise workout with you and the challenge of WaterinMotion. I have attempted, with little but mostly no success with other exercise and weight loss programs. This is the first time in more then 2 years that my size has changed and my weight has dropped significantly. My children are 14 and 15 years old so my husband and I are constantly trying to keep up with them. We vacationed in Austin, TX visiting family. I sported my new swimsuit an swam daily, visited Barton Springs and swam in the aqueduct, and hiked 2800 feet up a mountain to zip line over Lake Travis, jumped off pontoon into the lake for an evening swim after hiking all day! Just one year and 30lbs ago, I would have never been able to accomplish any of this! Thank you for the opportunity to spend quality time in your classes and strive to continue to improve my health and confidence. I would also like to thank WaterinMotion for the program designed to make a difference in my life and the lives of so many Defined Fitness members!”

Patricia Garcia Zerrate, WIM Participant

“WaterinMotion has been wonderful for our Central Maryland YMCA Association since 2016! Our members that have taken the class feel they are getting a great hard work out. We have had members say, “I don’t know why anyone would go to any other water fitness class?! WaterinMotion is the best!” Our members love the choreography , as do our instructors and it has added a more intense class to our water fitness offerings. We are still building our class list and adding on other Y’s but it has been a great transition.

Gail Eline- Director of Business Development, has made the transition smooth and easy. She is always there to help, has phone conference calls with all of our department directors to explain everything. She is always there to answer our questions and help get our employees trained. She makes the process easy for us! I honestly don’t know if we would have stuck with WATERinMOTION if it wasn’t for her and the support she gives.”

Jill Black
Vice President of Swim & Family Programs
The Y In Central Maryland
4331 Montgomery Road
Ellicott City, Maryland 21043
Office: 410-465-4334