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Get your career in aqua exercise moving with a Live WATERinMOTION® Certification.  When you become certified in WATERinMOTION® you are automatically certified in all 3 of our programs: WATERinMOTION® Original, WATERinMOTION® Platinum, and WATERinMOTION® Strength!

Your WATERinMOTION® Live Certification is a combination of hands-on training in a live setting (pool or on-deck) and online education. Prior to attending the Live Certification, participants are required to take the WATERinMOTION® online portion of the course which is comprised of five 6 short, digestible segments.  Each segment includes a short video of 12-17 minutes (TED TALK length), an article on the same topic, a downloadable power point and a simple ten 10-question multiple-choice exam. These 6 separate segments address different topics which include: principles of water, verbal cueing, visual cueing, deck teaching skills, science behind training older adult exercise, and the RIPPLE technique.  (Remember your chorography, Instruct verbally, Perform visually, Personalize your teaching, Lead your group and Excite your class.)

Included in the online portion is a WATERinMOTION® kit that contains a downloadable one-hour choreography video, downloadable one-hour of music, detailed song-by-song choreography booklet, flash cards and a Choreo Summary Sheet. Prior to the training, each participant is assigned two tracks (or songs) and will need to come prepared to teach the assigned tracks to the other students/instructors at the training. Every participant must memorize the exact movements to their assigned song to the beat of the music (similar to Les Mills or Zumba). Participants should bring a swimsuit, aqua shoes, towels, land fitness attire, and gym shoes.

We recommend attendees download and bring the WATERinMOTION® music, choreography notes and choreography video on a laptop, MP3 player, smartphone or other mobile device. You may bring a printed copy of your choreography notes with you to the Live Certification.  You might also choose to bring your computer to review the notes or video if you have difficulty accessing the material on your portable device.  Please remember that once you get to the training site, you may not be able to have Wi-Fi access and be able to stream the video or music.

You can attend a live WATERinMOTION® training at one of the following SCW MANIA® event locations:

DC MANIA®: February/March
» California MANIA® (San Francisco): March/April
» Florida MANIA® (Orlando): May
» Atlanta MANIA®: July
» Dallas MANIA®: August
» Midwest MANIA® (Chicago): October
» Boston MANIA®: November

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After completing your WATERinMOTION® Certification training you are encouraged to take the optional video assessment here.  It’s an added value to maintain the high standards expected of our WATERinMOTION® instructors.

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WATERinMOTION® instructors who were certified online and have an active Wautoship subscription are entitled to one FREE Live Certification at any MANIA® location!

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