Growing with a booming population.

WATERinMOTION® Platinum caters to the growing segment of the U.S. population that won’t settle for second best. WATERinMOTION® Platinum supplies safe, effective and fun classes that are guaranteed to bring excitement back into your pool; by offering a system that understands and addresses the specific needs of your 65+ and/or deconditioned client. Our solid seven-year business model continues to receive accolades and to grow through our nationally-recognized leadership team. Having won the Aquatic Exercise Association’s Global award for Contribution to the Aquatic Industry and Instructor of the Year Award, our team of professionals lives on the forefront of exercise programming for this growing market of aqua enthusiasts.

Setting the standard for water fitness programming.

Refreshing member experience every three months through our Wautoship program, WATERinMOTION® Platinum provides new choreography, new music and new marketing to inspire this growing fitness community. WATERinMOTION® Platinum is a licensed aqua exercise program featuring:

  • Comprehensive online certification with an optional 8-hour live program
  • Current choreography video
  • Companion educational lecture (each 14-20 minutes in length similar to TED talks formatting)
  • 55 minutes of energizing and customized music
  • Extensive choreography booklets, flash cards, and quick guides
  • And a short educational exam guaranteeing a safe, effective and creative class EVERY class.

WATERinMOTION® Platinum sets the standard for water fitness programming revitalizing the face of aquatic exercise.

All of the music for WATERinMOTION® Platinum is technologically mixed to the perfect tempo and speed, so everyone can follow. Your instructors will finally all be on the same page, teaching the same choreography and using the same music that every generation will enjoy. Best of all, every 12 weeks, a new release is available with updated music that coincides perfectly with our choreography, giving trainers and instructors the POWER to take their students to the next level.

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Since most exercise programs are not designed to address the specific needs of those 65 years and older WATERinMOTION® Platinum was created. What makes WATERinMOTION® Platinum unique from WATERinMOTION® Original is that it:

• Uses slower music more intergenerational music
• Has longer repetitions
• Has 8 tracks and 1 bonus track instead of 10 and 1 bonus track
• Focuses more on balance
• Incorporates more cognitive challenges because as the body ages so does the mind
• Focuses more on fast twitch muscle fibers because as we age those muscle fibers deteriorate at a much faster rate than our slow twitch fibers
• Focuses more on activities of daily living (ADLs) to make the lives of our participants easier on a daily basis

Watch a sample choreography video
WATERinMOTION® Platinum is a shallow-water, low-impact aqua exercise experience that offers active aging adults and deconditioned participants a fun workout improving cardiovascular endurance, agility, balance, strength and flexibility. This customized exercise system provides quarterly-released music, easy-to teach and learn choreography, fantastic marketing and scientifically designed programming and education. Our WATERinMOTION® Platinum certified instructors can gently share the pure joy of exercise through this buoyant, heart-healthy program. Each class consists of 8 tracks and one bonus track, which you can view below.

What you can expect in a typical class.

This class opens with large, simple cardio moves to gradually prepare the body and mind for what’s to come.

Linear Cardio
Gradually increase range of motion and introduce traveling forward and back to enhance cardiovascular challenge.

Dynamic balance challenges.

Get into the swing of things with a fantastic variety of team building exercises to enhance the group dynamics of this water pool party!


Resistance training.

Upper or Lower Body or both.

Tone and tighten your middle section with exercise you never imagined could do the job so effectively and creatively.

In a beautiful closing to our buoyant workout, drop down a gear to focus on mobility and flexibility featuring the large muscle groups leaving you refreshed and rejuvenated.

Lateral Cardio (Bonus Track)

What Will WATERinMOTION® Platinum Do For Me?

WATERinMOTION® Platinum offers the benefit of a healthy and social workout without the pull that gravity plays on the body.

• Retains all the general health benefits of regular exercise: lose weight, improved mobility, heart health, reduced risk of chronic illness, enhanced energy levels, improved posture, increased flexibility and more!

• Relieves pressure from the spine and joints facilitating exercise for unique populations.

• Reduces impact and creates less soreness than land based exercise.

• Requires little or no prior experience for participants to feel comfortable and have a great workout experience.

• Focuses on balance.

• Incorporates cognitive challenges because as the body ages so does the mind.

• Focuses on fast twitch muscle fibers because as we age those muscle fibers deteriorate at a much
faster rate than our slow twitch fibers.

• Focuses on activities of daily living (ADLs) to make the lives of participants easier on a daily basis.

WATERinMOTION® Platinum is perfect for:

• Active Aging Adults(55-65) & Seniors (65-90) looking for a lower impact environment while maintaining a healthy workout.

• Deconditioned (overweight or health risks) individuals looking to incorporate a fitness regimen into their lives.

• Individuals with Orthopedic concerns, Arthritis challenges and/or Cognitive deterioration.

• Anyone who has been given the go-ahead from their physician to begin a fitness program after an injury or to start a workout regimen for the first time. Download the members brochure Download the YMCA brochure

WATERinMOTION® Instructor Certification:
Drawing on over 100 years of combined experience in the aquatic fitness industry, this certification serves as an important first step into the field of teaching water exercise.  A combination of home study and live training, the home study videos and theoretical exams prepare you for the full day practical course in the convenience and privacy of your home.  Practical teaching skills utilizing pre-choreographed routines that are memorized serve to enhance your class sequencing, warm-up, progressions, musical phrasing, proper cuing techniques, choreography development and all the skills required to teach your best class, every class. A complimentary take home practical assessment is included, and this course also provides you with all that you need to succeed as an aquatic fitness professional.  Additionally, a downloadable 1.5 hour choreography video, downloadable one hour music CD, complete educational manual and choreography booklet, flash cards and notes are included in this comprehensive course.

CECs: SCW (7.0), AFAA (7.0), ACE (0.9), NASM (0.7), AEA (8.0), ACSM (7.0).

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WATERinMOTION® Platinum addresses the specific needs of the 65+age group and/or deconditioned individuals looking for a fun, social and safe environment to workout and get healthy. WATERinMOTION® Platinum uses slower beats and longer repititions set to recognizable music that is easy to memorize and enjoyable to sing along to.

Since most exercise programs are not designed to address the specific needs of those 65 years and older WATERinMOTION® Platinum was created.

Areas of Focus in WATERinMOTION® Platinum:

Manual Dexterity
As we age, we being to lose the manual dexterity or ability to move our hands.  The Arthritis Foundation states that aging populations should do exercises with their hands to reverse or decrease these effects and WATERinMOTION® Platinum integrates these exercises into the choreography to do just that.

Application of flexibility
It’s very important for us to focus on the application of flexibility as well.  As we age we lose the ability to plantar and dorsi flex our foot.  This is why as we age we shuffle and are more prone to falls.

Crossing the Mid-line
We must focus on not crossing the mid line when teaching or crossing the legs over.  We do this because some people have less flexibility in the hip girdle or have had hip surgeries and we want to ensure that we stick to the Arthritis Foundation guidelines.  People can cross if they feel comfortable but we must show them a proper example.

We must also ensure that we strengthen the adductors of the inner thigh because those muscles strengthen the knee joint to help with balance.

In WATERinMOTION® Platinum we want to make our transitions slower and smoother to ensure that the participants have enough time to follow us. Diminished visual and auditory skills that companion aging require us to pay great attention to our students to ensure they are successfully performing the workout.

Shoulder Girdle
We must focus in our flexibility track to impress upon our participants the importance of retracting the head back, scapular retraction and depression; which will avoid the “rounded back” that we get as we age.

Challenge the body and the mind
Be aware that because your class will have different age groups, all with different cognitive levels, that you must challenge the group as a whole.  This is one of the most important reasons to change the choreography quarterly because it provides both the physical and cognitive challenges needed to keep the body improving.

We also need to be aware of how to cue to this population. Verbally, we are going to simplify our cueing by talking slower, annunciating, and being consistent.  We also have to preview early and verbally cue sooner to help our participants follow the transitions easier.  Because some of our instructors will be older, when visually cueing, it is important to demonstrate each movement while standing and while seated.

Fast Twitch Focus
Since we lose more fast twitch muscle fibers as we age we want to focus on maintaining these by using more explosive movements, when applicable.  And we want to focus on retaining our slow twitch fibers in our cardio sections.

Activities of Daily Living (ADLS)
It’s important for our older adults and deconditioned populations to feel a sense of independence, strength, power and control.  As instructors we must focus on stimulating our participants minds, giving them the ability to socialize and give them a sense of well-being and belonging.

WATERinMOTION® Platinum is a program that makes becoming a teacher not only exciting and refreshing, but we provide the essential training tools and pre-formatted choreography that remove all of the guess work – leaving you the ability to focus on connecting with the class! With facilities licesning on a daily basis, becoming an instructor or trainer has never been more obtainable. Click here to see a full list of locations where WATERinMOTION® Platinum is licensed and get started today!
WATERinMOTION® Platinum is different than anything you may have going on in your pool. Not just anyone can offer this revolutionary program – making it perfect for owners who want to draw new populations into their facility and pool! Licensure is simple, easy, and risk free. We are so confident that you will see the difference WATERinMOTION® Platinum makes, that we allow you to cancel your agreement with nothing more than a 30-day written notice. Upon licensure, instructor recruiting and training can begin… and we can help! WATERinMOTION® Platinum is a turn key aquatic solution that allows your instructors to be themselves and present amazing classes with a hand from the industry’s finest! MAXIMIZE YOUR POOL’S POTENTIAL!